Whole House Structured Water Unit


The unit is designed for maximum performance in whole house applications. It comes standard with Integral 1” NPT Unions fittings that are adaptable to any home or other piping configuration. Enjoy all the benefits of Structured Water for cooking, drinking, showers or baths, laundry, gardening, pets and so much more. With a whole house unit, you will have structured water literally at your fingertips throughout your home. Everyone benefits from the energetic properties. Licensed plumber recommended for home installations. 2 lb - 3lbs - 18 1/2" length

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Product Description

Imagine showering under a warm waterfall of enlivened, life benefiting, droplets of water. With a Shower unit you will be getting the same healthy benefits every time you take a shower. Simply twist off your existing shower head, install one of Natural Action Technologies Shower products and then position your shower head back on to our Shower product. It’s fast and easy!

*Soft healthy skin and hair
*More moisture for skin and hair
*Eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water
*No hard water build-up in shower
*Assists in improving any skin conditions
*All memory held in water is wiped clean
*Water that is alive and full of energy
*Greater sense of well being

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